Has Sallu found his new Katrina Kaif? Is Bigg Boss 7 contestant Elli his latest ‘girl’?

Posted on Nov 5 2013 - 2:27pm by bollywoodhatke

Eli Avram Salman Khan Big Boss DiwaliHas Sallu found his new Katrina Kaif? Is Bigg Boss 7 contestant Elli his latest ‘girl’? We wonder…
Salman Khan announced not so long ago on Bigg Boss 7 that Elli Avram reminded him of a young Katrina Kaif. With her fair complexion and endearing accent, we agree, even though we would need to half-close our eyes and squint a bit to see any facial resemblance between the two lovely ladies. But it looks like Sallu’s fondness for Elli has grown manifold since then. The actor was recently inside the Bigg Boss 7 house to celebrate Diwali with the inmates and guess what – Salman and Elli did a Diwali aarti together, looking like they fit perfectly with each other. And then there was Elli’s special musical dedication to the Bigg Boss host:Tere bina jiya jayena… And yes, we almost forgot – Elli, who was asked by Sallu to enhance her culinary skills, promptly started working towards that delicious goal. Elli told her very caring host how she’s learning how to cook and talked about the parantha recipe she had recently learned. And this adoration seems to work bother ways; Salman has been doling out hints of his obvious interest in the Mickey Virus babe.

Now we wonder what’s actually being cooked up here. Is it just spicy content for the voyeuristic Bigg Boss show, or is there more to it than what meets the eye? Do we see Elli bag a film opposite the Dabangg Khan, or will it be more than that – a place in the eternal bachelor’s life, perhaps? Does Elli truly remind Sallu of Kat, or is the light eyed beauty a perfect blend of all his exes – from Sonu Walia to Iulia Vantur? Watch this space for more, as we dig into what’s brewing between Elli and Salman!

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