Boss is the remake of southern hit “Pokkiri Raja”

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big boss 2Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Shiv Pandit, Danny Denzongpa, Aditi Rao Hydari

Director: Anthony D’souza

Rub-time: 2 Hour 24 Minutes

Rating: **

Hitherto Bollywood cine buffs would have very well understood that our tinsel town natives are quite prone to getting addicted to the formulas fetching some brownie points in the Bolly-sphere. Post their getting glued to that formula begins the game of recycling it till the time it becomes completely cruddy and losses all its potency of being reused ever again.boss1

Now one such trend which has turned into the spice of the season from past couple of years is remaking the southern blockbusters in Bollywood. If we go by the facts and try to find out the potency of this “remake-mantra”, then we will see that some of the biggest BO of Bollywood are actually the remakes of southern movies. Be it “Singham”, “Ghajni” or “Rowdy Rathore”, all of these movies have not only raked in a good moolah, but have also entertained the masses by their contents. But as they say, “Use, do not abuse; neither abstinence nor excess ever renders any good”, so this time with “Boss”, the same seems to be getting proved.

Starring Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chraborty, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shiv Pandit and Ronit Roy, “Boss” is a remake southern cine flick, “Pokkiri Raja”, which melodramatically narrates the story of an estranged father-son relationship. Being a holiday the movie managed to garner the foot-fall of around 60 % at its opening.


As stated earlier that Boss is the remake of southern hit “Pokkiri Raja”, but with its plot embedded in the soil of Haryana. In the movie Akshay plays the character of a Haryanvi gangster or rather Robinhood of a sort who meets Big Boss aka Tauji (Danny Denzongpa) and steps in to mafia world, after being banished by his father Suryakant Shastri (Mithun).

With years passing by Surya turns in to “Boss” a noble but fun loving gangster. But as none of thakshay-kumar-first-look-bosse Bollywood movies can be complete without showcasing the will of destiny, so after couple of years circumstances once again make “Boss” and his righteous father meets where the reason of latter’s approaching the former is to save the life of his younger son Shiv (Shiv Pandit) who end up being in police custody after he falls in love with Ankita (Aditi Rao), who happens to be the sister of a corrupt cop Ayushman Thakur (Ronit Roy). So what happens next did Boss manage to rescue his younger brother and have a reunion with his father, to find out see ‘Boss’.

Well, there is no denying the fact that these days our very own Bollywooders have developed a new fascination for a ready-made scripts to make a “masala entertainer”. But unfortunately after seeing “Boss” even this mantra seems to be loosing its charm.

As far as the script of the Boss is concerned then with due respect to Sajid and Farhad who did the necessary ad-libbing in the script all that could be said is,”that it looks quite stale, outdated and bland. And that’s because ever-since the inception of Bollywood, estranged father-son relationship has by now turned into frayed plot which now deserves to be tagged as “antique”.

Although the plot of Boss very well introduces us to the characters, but a well written narration needs have much more than that. With an excessively stretched beginning which lasts for almost half an hour, by the time Akki makes his entry on the celluloid you start loosing you patience to have a glimpse of the man whom you want to see doing some high octane actions or make you laugh by his humor timing.


Though plot of the “Boss” primarily is an emotional drama but a sound amount of light moments have also been incorporated in the narrative in order to score some brownie points at the power of Akki’s humor adroitness. Through-out its run-time the narration of Boss keeps on jolting between emotions and humor, probably to cover up the shortcoming of both the ends.boss big

Even the screenplay of “Boss” is something belonging to the strata of average which could not succeed in covering up the flaws of script, but for that we can’t blame Sajid and Farhad and that’s because with such an antique and worn-out premise, you don’t have much scope for doing something appealing on the screenplay front.

With everything in premise of “Boss” belonging to the era of yesteryear even the dialogues of “Boss” despite being emotionally laden sounds too melodramatic.

After handling the under water treasure hunt “Blue” this time Anthony has tried his hands on something different, but unfortunately an ill tailored script turns into a let down for the man, who has got a great cinematic potential. But in-spite of that Anthony up-till an extent succeeds in saving the fate of the movie which otherwise could have been a major disaster. Action sequences of Boss are gruesome and somewhat manages to keep the fan’s attention glued to the screen.


With a good dose of foot thumping numbers like “Party”, title song Boss and “Hum Na Toden” music of “Boss” strictly OK.

Coming to the performances then, Mithun certainly was not at his best and looks like as if he don’t want to embrace the spirit of his character, Shiv Pandit and Aditi have looked more like props who are invited just for heck of making story look complete. Shiv has a very confined onscreen appearance and besides Aditi has been used mere for sake adding some glamour coefficient to the story.

Actor like Danny, who otherwise could have been used in better manner is totally wasted but in-spite of that whatever share of onscreen presence this veteran thespian gets, he performs it marvelously. As a hot headed corrupt cop Ronit has once again proved that besides small screen he has got ample potential to make his presence feel on the silver screen too.

At last but not the least Boss is totally Akki’s show. From the very onset it’s only Akki who manages to tempt your attention. Be it action, humor or emotion the man not only well performs his share of work, but also shoulder the movie till its culmination. As stated that even the dialogues of the Boss are quite bland, but it’s Akki’s charisma which add some impact to them and keeps the audience entertained.



Well, as far as BO potential of “Boss” is concerned then the only thing which can save the fate of this otherwise melodramatic saga, which has nothing much entertaining in the offering, is “Akki’s charisma”.

To sum up, with a patchy plot ‘Boss’ is a worn-out saga which up-till great extent fails in delivering a heart satiating entertainment. So avoid meeting this “Boss” too in order to avoid pressure on your head.


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