Rendezvous with Parineeti Chopra

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 5:41pm by bollywoodhatke

How much of a heartbreaker were you in college?
(Laughs uproariously) I was more of a body breaker because I weighed 85 kilos. I was too fat for anybody to fall in love with me. I had a very sad life in college. No heart breaks, no romance, nothing.
Are you ready for bold roles?
I am hundred percent ready for bold roles. I don’t want to limit myself as an actor. Ishaqzaadehad a kissing and a lovemaking scene and it really didn’t matter. If I reject a film it will be for the script and not because of a bikini or kissing scene.
How much like your Dimple Chadda role in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl are you?
I think I’m very similar to the role. I’m a typical Punjabi girl, loud mouthed, emotional, just like the character. And that’s why I was selected. However Zoya of Ishaqzaade was very different. But in both cases I had to act, irrespective of how similar or different I am to my reel life role.


How similar or different are you and Priyanka Chopra as girls?Parineeti-Chopra
I think we are similar. We both wear our heart on our sleeve, we are very emotional and hardworking. We are very close to our family and we have very few, but close friends. We are boisterous and energetic. It’s a good thing that we are similar because when I ask her for advice, I know she can put herself in my shoes.
Tell us something about your family.
My family is a typical loud, small town Punjabi family. We love eating and we laugh loudly and talk all sorts of nonsense. When my sister took a plunge in the glamour world, it didn’t go down too well in the family. They saw it as a ‘bad’ industry; very small-town orthodox thinking. But when she achieved success without compromising on her morals, it changed the way they perceived Bollywood. So when I decided to become an actress, it wasn’t such a big deal. Priyanka made it easy for me.
How do you deal with gossip?
I get disappointed, but I never go into a shell. I am too happy and enthusiastic a person to do that. I get over it.
Are you a foodie?
I’m the biggest foodie. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, I need something new all the time. I get the kind of cravings that pregnant women get. I never diet. I can eat like a man.
With your girl-next- door image, do you fear being stereotyped?
The roles offered to me in the first two films weren’t sexy but they certainly weren’t girl-next-door. Ladies vs Ricky Bahl perhaps was, but not Ishaqzaade. If I were to ever get stereotyped, it will be my fault. But I won’t let that happen because I get bored very easily.
What is the kind of role that you are looking forward to?
My aim is to be an actress, who, both filmmakers and audience feel can pull off any role. Just like Rani Mukerji. I want to become an actress of every genre. I don’t want to be only a sexy or a cute star.

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