Main ikkisavi sadi ki nari ka pratik hu jiski soch aaj ke zamaane ke saath kadam milaati hai.

Posted on Sep 28 2013 - 9:09am by bollywoodhatke

"Miss World ka Khitab jeetna mujhe vishwa paimaane par ek awaaz dilayega, jisse mujhe rashtriya aur anta-rashtriya starr par garib logon ki madad karne mein sahaayta hogi."

Navneet was born in Haryana State in Northern India, but moved across the country whilst growing up. Describing herself as a “contemporary manifestation of the new Indian woman that encompasses a mix of her traditional values with her contemporary ambitions.” These ambitions are to become a global ambassador for India, breaking into Bollywood and working alongside NGOs. Currently a student, Navneet is studying, TV & Film Production. Her hobbies include going to the theatre, horse riding and photography.

In Her Own Words…


My name is Navneet Kaur Dhillon and I come from the world's largest democracy, India; a country with a rich heritage and diverse culture. India is home to all religions. We as a nation firmly support  the concept of universal brotherhood. 
I strongly believe in improving the lives of less privileged and it is for this reason that I have been a part of many social endeavors.
I love horse riding, photography, gardening and playing with my pet dog. 
I dedicate my success to my loving parents who are the pillars of my strength and it is this strength that gives me the confidence and determination to represent my country on this global stage.
Winning the crown will be a dream come true and it will give me a platform to improve the lives of less privileged in my country and people around the world.
I hope to make my country proud.

Thank you. (Shukriya!)"

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